Biased Wheel

It is impossible for a man to create a perfect machine. This is something, which no one has ever seen so far. Roulette wheel is not an exception to this rule. Also, you should keep in mind that a person (a.k.a. dealer) is the one who spins the wheel. This means that he also can add some imperfections to the wheel. However, imperfection is the thing that seduces us. We as human beings are not perfect and that's why we love to play imperfect games.

Roulette is one of them. We tend to like these games because there are some other ways to remove the imperfections or there are ways to make them work in our favor. That's how we can earn a lot of money just by using the imperfections of the machine created by other human beings.


Balance is the one thing that is crucial to the wheel of roulette. Without the perfect balance, the chance of some numbers to be hit is bigger than the chance of hitting some other numbers. However, you must know that after some time of usage, the wheel is not going to function properly. It is up to the owners of the casino to try to fix it. They must know that the problem exists. That's why the dealers are the people who must tell them.

Some of them may try to use this as their advantage when they compete with players. The reason for this imbalance is the groove. After some time of usage, the groove tends to become deeper. After some more time, it will become even deeper, allowing the wheel to make strange spins. If the groove is small enough, this little diversion could not be noticed by the players. That's how dealers could use this to cheat.

Check the wheel

Biased wheels are not easily detectable with human eyes. Sometime the diversions are so small that they cannot be noticed. That's why inspectors are the people who should use apparatuses to find these little diversions. Only they can protect us against people that want to cheat us.