Inside Bets

This is one of the main kinds of bets. It represents bets placed on the eternal part of bet table. Many of the tables tend to have a minimum wager limit. You will have to pay this to make sure that you will play on the table you have chosen. To explain it better, imagine the following situation.

You see a table with a minimum wage of $10. Then in order to play, you will have to place 10 bets of $1 on 10 different numbers. That way you will be allowed to play on the bet table. Other option is to place $10 bet on one number. This is also possible.

There are some types of inside bets can be found:

Straight Bet

This is the most popular type of bet, when you play roulette. In this case, you will have to place your bet for the next place, where the ball will stop. The popularity of this kind of bet is so great because the payback rate amounts to 35:1.

This is way attracts the people. They are often seduced by the idea that they will place a bet of $5 and they will get about $200, as winnings. However, most people do not know that the odds of winning something are extremely small, when you choose to play with a straight bet.

Two numbers bet or split bet

This bet gives you better chances of winning something. You will have to place your bet in a sequence, which separates two numbers. For example, you could place your bet on the line separating 27 and 30. That way, you suggest that one of this numbers will be the winning one. The pay rate is 17:1. This means that, if you place a bet of $100, you could get $1700 from just one spin.

Three Number or Street Bet

This type of bet gives you even more chances of winning something. By placing your bet, you suggest that one of the three numbers that you have bet on is going to be the winning number. The pay rate is 11:1. That way, if your bet is $40, you will win $440, instantly.