Wheel Tampering

The year of 1931 was very prominent. It was the time when Nevada legalized roulette and gambling. There were lots of methods to cheat when you play on roulette. With this legalization, the illegal methods of cheating on gambling games were forbidden, too. However, many of the casinos in Las Vegas used techniques to cheat their customers.

Wheel Tampering

One of these numerous ways is the "special wheel". They were modified to pick some number over the others. Even after the year of 1931, some of these wheels kept being operational in many of the states. The government did its best to beat these illegal methods to cheat the regular customers in the casino. That's how the gaming commissions were created. Their main job is to find and remove any illegal methods of making the odds to work in house's favor.

This is hard because players must go to the commission and report that they have been cheated. This provides the commission with sometimes false data. When these commissions find problems, they are allowed to do whatever it takes to remove and solve the problem. They could confiscate the entire gambling equipment for unknown period. Also, they are allowed to fine the boss of the casino.

Presently on the territory of Nevada, there is not a single illegal casino. They do not use any biased wheels or any equipment to make the odds in their favor. However, there are some illegal casinos, without license, which operate there. You should be aware of them because they will not hesitate to cheat you.


You will not be surprised to find that one of the most intriguing methods to cheat on roulette is by using magnets. It works like that. You have to put four different magnets around the bowl. The magnets could be controlled remotely and they can be activated or inactivated. Depending on which one of them is operating, the ball will go in that direction. That way the dealer is able to make sure the ball will not go in the direction that the player's want.