French Roulette

People wonder all the time what a French roulette is and what are the differences between European roulette and American Roulette. That's why it is important to read this article to make sure that you know the differences and you are aware of how to play French roulette, when you have to. We have been asked about ten million times what French roulette is and how it is played. That's why seat in your cozy chair and scroll down to read everything to know about the differences in this roulette games.

In every kind of roulette, the player has to place his bet and after that a ball is put in the wheel and this ball starts spinning. You want to keep track of the ball because if it stops on a number or color, which you have suggested that is going to be the winning number/color, you will be the winner from this round. This is common for all types of roulette games. However, there are some differences between the wheels, numbers and etc. you want to know them to make sure that you will perform better.

The French roulette

Some years ago, you had to travel to Monte Carlo to play a French roulette. These days are gone now. You can play French roulette in most of the casino all over the world. It is not important where you live because in every casino, there is a single French roulette, waiting for you. If you like to play online, you need only internet connection and you will be ready to start

The table of the French roulette is way different than the tables that are used in the other roulette games. The table here is only in red. This appearance tends to be very attractive. Also, the writing of the table is in French. However, you do not need to get disappointed if you do not speak French. Most of the casinos will have copies of the table printed in English. It is considered that French roulette is the father of European Roulette and American roulette.